We will work together to ensure that more girls from all backgrounds benefit from what we do

I think more adults would volunteer if we could show them what Brownies is really like – they might not believe how fun it is! - Holly, Brownie

What does this mean for girls and young women?

Girls who have never thought about joining will hear about the great things we do – all girls will feel welcome and included and inspired to stay involved.

What does this mean for volunteers? 

You will receive support, information and training to help you welcome more girls and volunteers from more backgrounds.

By 2020...

  • more people will hear about Girlguiding, and will be inspired to join
  • all the girls who want to join will be able to access the benefits of guiding
  • more volunteers will join so that we can change more girls’ lives.

Your checklist for... Access

Follow the six simple steps in this checklist to do your bit for ‘Access’ and you will be helping to inspire more people to join guiding and ensure we provide opportunities to even more girls.