The Growth and Insight team

We're developing new ways to recruit - and keep - volunteers and girls. Meet our team and hear about our current projects

Our team is working on innovative ways to support the growth of our membership

In the Growth and Insight team, we create resources and trial new ideas that will help you get new adults and girls to join Girlguiding, as well as giving them reasons to stay.

We have two great lead volunteers who make sure everything we do is fit for purpose and we share what we've learned with other departments in Girlguiding.

Meet some of the team and get some insight into our current projects and future plans.


Tamsin Head of Growth & Insight

I oversee all of the projects in Growth & Insight and manage the growth strategy.

It's up to me to ensure that we're all working together to pilot new initiatives that will help local guiding recruit and retain members.

I'm also a flying enthusiast, tennis player and hiker. 


Jamila Project Assistant

I assist the team on a number of exciting projects that are currently taking place to improve the recruitment and retention of members. I also support the team with administrative tasks and preparation for various events that happen throughout the year. 

I like travelling and exploring new places as well as visiting museums in my spare time.


Areenay Insight Manager

Our team uses evidence and data to generate insights that help us to make decisions across all aspects of our membership. We use data analysis and service design methods to develop new resources, services and interventions to help us grow. I'll also be leading on the development of our new impact framework.

I like yoga, musicals, bread and my new favourite hobby is learning trapeze skills.


Sean Data Analyst

I look for insights in data to help understand how Girlguiding can increase the size and diversity of its membership. For this I'm mostly using data from GO. I also support the Growth & Insight team on several projects, and the countries and regions to help answer questions they may have about their own data.

In my spare time I am a keen guitar player, and I enjoy hiking when the weather allows.


Alice Project Coordinator - Growth & Insight

I support and coordinate projects to help membership growth, often working with other teams across Girlguiding HQ.

Recently I've been working the development of a new resource – Start-up kit – a pick-up, easy-to-use guide on how to set up a new unit for people who are brand new to guiding. 

I love art, breakfast cereal and walking around London.


Lynne Growth & Communities Manager

I oversee the development of our staff/volunteer growth model – looking at how growth and development staff can work collaboratively with local volunteers to help strengthen and grow guiding from the ground up.

In 2018-20 I'll be overseeing the delivery of two significant staff/volunteer growth projects – Space to grow together (funded by Pears) and Delivering diversity (funded by UPS WAGGGS).

I also support staff and volunteers in countries and regions to plan for growth – in particular supporting counties to develop quality growth plans for 2020.

I’m a Senior Section leader, leadership mentor and a membership growth coordinator in my division. I like to cycle, cook and spend time with my family. 


Joy Delivery Project Manager

I'm taking forward our exciting Space to Grow Together project, funded by Pears Foundation where I manage and support a team of membership growth staff across the country.

Our new Growth and Communities team work with local guiding to develop projects - expanding our reach and impact by attracting new volunteers and creating more spaces for girls.

Outside of guiding, I’m chair of a branch of SANDS – a charity supporting bereaved parents, I sit on the Board for Planned Care for City and Hackney CCG, I lead the Parent Staff Association at my local secondary school and I’ve just built four raised beds for my vegetable patch in the garden.


Louise Delivering Diversity Project Manager

My third role in the team sees me managing the WAGGGS/UPS funded project, Delivering diversity. We support volunteers and staff to increase and diversify our membership through pilot projects across the UK. Reviewing and scaling up what works, so more girls can join Girlguiding and reach their potential.

I have two daughters who keep me on my toes - we love baking, making and adventuring together. 


Kim Lead Volunteer Membership Growth and Retention

As a lead volunteer, my role is to offer the members’ thoughts and feelings on work happening at national level. I’m a trainer and an active Guide and Senior Section leader, so I understand the challenges faced by members every week. 

I’m passionate about getting as many girls as possible involved in this wonderful movement and our continued growth as an organisation is incredibly important. My work with the team has included working on the recruitment campaign pack, retention research, strengthening links with countries and regions, and helping to shape our strategic growth initiatives.

I enjoy dancing around my handbag and going for afternoon tea!


Fliss Deputy Lead Volunteer Membership Growth and Retention

I do a lot of work on youth leadership, with lots of parts of the organisation. This is something I really feel strongly about, having been involved in peer education and as a Senior Section leader.

I'm also working on the Start-up kit project and offering a volunteer viewpoint on lots of other projects, from disability inclusion training to supporting the development of new resources.

When I'm not guiding, I love baking cakes and travelling (although not at the same time).

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