Ideas for recruitment drives

Get inspiration with our tried and tested ideas for a successful recruitment drive

Take your prep to the next level: try these fantastic recruitment ideas from our members, outreach staff and partners

This autumn, we'll be running our national recruitment campaign to get new volunteers involved in guiding.

If you want to make the most of the campaign, why not push yourself a little more for your Recruitment Bootcamp prep and run a recruitment activity in your local area? 

You can pick and mix ideas to suit your goals and the time and skills you have available in your team. Make sure you adapt them to meet the needs of your local community too.

Recruitment ideas

Taster events

Run events in partnership with a school, community group or local business. Pick a theme that sums up the adventure and friendship of guiding and plan some fun activities around it to show new recruits what guiding's all about.

You could advertise events to potential parents on waiting lists or to follow up wider recruitment activities. Try asking people to pre-register as well as registering people on the day so you can link potential new members into units.

Get out and about 

Raise the profile of guiding in your local community. Wear uniform and take along posters, leaflets or banners. Take action in the community by helping at an event, supporting a community clean up or through enabling girls to have their voices heard. It all makes you more visible.

Set up a separate email address and look into a basic pay-as-you-go mobile phone to manage enquiries. Add this email and phone number to marketing materials.

Link up with special days

Our national recruitment campaign this autumn is the perfect time for you to build on the increased interest in volunteering for Girlguiding. You'll be able to piggy-back on the campaign to start conversations with people in your lcoal area - whether that's online or in person. 

You could also try International Day of the Girl, International Women's Day - or even World Penguin Day! You'll reach out to new audiences and communicate our key messages to them.

Find an Ambassador

Help us shout out about what we do and tell people about the opportunities available through guiding. Ambassadors can come from all walks of life. If you know someone who is - or could be - a great ambassador, get in touch with your Country or Region Office.

Use our volunteer role profiles to show the different volunteer positions your team needs. 

Work with community partners - reach out to new communities and gain more support for your recruitment drive. Our Youth United Project has tips for working with partners such as local authorities, community boards and hospitals.

Involve your girls 

Ask members of The Senior Section or Peer Educators to join you at recruitment events to get potential new recruits excited about being part of guiding.

Take on a challenge

Encourage potential volunteers and supporters to try a short-term volunteering opportunity. They could run a specialist activity or support a local unit for four weeks. There's a good chance they'll enjoy it so much that they want to continue.

Get creative

Change perceptions and have fun when you're recruiting new members. Try taking over empty shops, joining a flash mob, completing a sporting challenge, breaking a world record, wearing our key messages on a t-shirt. Share your activity ideas and pictures online afterwards.

More ideas to try

These ideas are just the start! Get more inspiration from these detailed recruitment resources from all over our website.

Promoting your recruitment drive

When you've agreed your idea for your recruitment drive and your planning's sorted, it's time to think about how you can promote your recruitment drive: 

Talk to us

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