Involving girls waiting to join

These ideas will keep girls on your waiting-to-join list enthusiastic about Girlguiding

Girls on the waiting list can still be involved in guiding

Girlguiding offers girls and young women lots of fun experiences. And girls on our waiting-to-join lists don't need to miss out!

There are many ways to include girls who are waiting to join. Involving them will not only maintain their enthusiasm, but may also mean you get some new parents or carers as volunteers.

Include girls on waiting-to-join lists

Invite girls to events - girls don't have to be part of the unit to enjoy special opportunities like the large-scale county, district or division events. Choose events that will be memorable and show how great being a member of Girlguiding can be.

Run 'taster' sessions - why not hold a meeting during the holidays or at a weekend especially for girls on the waiting list? You could ask young leaders or returning university students to organise and run it. Make sure it really shows how great Girlguiding is.

Keep in touch with parents - GO automatically sends an email or letter every six months to parents asking if they're happy for their daughter to remain on the waiting-to-join list, or if they would prefer to try another unit. But you can still contact girls on the list to tell them that they've not been forgotten and give them a realistic idea of when a space might come up.

Send details of activities - when you're planning your programme for the term why not send examples of activities to parents of girls on your waiting list. Include ways they can get involved and ideas for things they can do at home. You could even direct them to our Activity finder.


Tip - match girls with spaces. Keep in touch with your local commissioner to find out if spaces have opened up in other nearby units. Also, let your commissioner know if you have spaces to be filled.

Helen Beecher Bryant, Growing Guiding Co-ordinator, Girlguiding Chislehurst Division

Helen Beecher Bryant, Growing Guiding Co-ordinator, Girlguiding Chislehurst Division

After identifying that we were in need of more adult volunteers to be able to accommodate girls on our waiting-to-join lists, we decided to hold two coffee mornings, to engage the parents of those who are waiting to join and to raise awareness of local guiding.

Is it time to start a new unit?

Ideally we wouldn't have waiting lists at all as we want all girls to be able to get involved in guiding! Could you make space for them by starting a new unit in your area?

If there are new volunteers joining in your area, and you think they’d be great at starting a new unit, speak to your commissioner about ordering a Start-up kit  - a resource for setting up a unit for people brand hew to guiding.

Learn more about starting a new unit