Your communications and PR experts

Access local support for your marketing, communications and PR work

Your local communications and PR teams can help to promote your guiding activities.

It can feel daunting to create digital content, newsletters, publications and marketing initiatives. If it's all new to you it's hard to know where to start and what steps to take. Even if you're a communications expert, it's helpful to get a second opinion sometimes.

Your local communications and PR Advisers (CPRAs) are here to help you and can share advice on:

Get help from your communications and PR team

There is no 'one size fits all' approach when it comes to communications so it's important to find out what specific support is available in your area. At country/region, county and division level specialist communications volunteers (CPRAs) work in partnership with communications staff, to ensure there is support for you at every level of guiding.

However things are set up in your area, someone is on hand to help you promote local guiding. It may be that one expert adviser covers everything from photography to finding a young spokeswoman, or you could have a communications and PR team where each member looks after one strand of the work.

Contact the team

You can get in touch with your local CPRA directly. Or if you're unsure who provides communications and PR support in your area, ask your local Commissioner.

If you need help specifically with branding, read our branding top tips and email the branding inbox with any questions.

Join the team

Find out more about taking on a specialist communications role in your area - from PR to photography.