New pilots to help us grow

We're piloting new projects to bring in more girls and volunteers

We want to get even more girls into guiding

We’re now launching two new externally funded projects that will bring guiding to more girls and young women, including areas that might not have been able to get involved before.

Space to Grow Together

Space to Grow Together will see us join forces with the Scout Association to make sure that even more young people have access to the skills and fun that we offer.

In a joint bid with the Scout Association , we’ve secured an incredible £2.4million from Pears Foundation#iwill, the National Lottery Community Fund and the Department for Culture, Media and Sport to fund the project.

For Girlguiding, funding will help us to understand more about what helps us grow and we’ll be sharing learning and ideas with the Scouts.

The funding will also help us fund seven new growth and communities co-ordinators. These new coordinators will work with volunteers on the ground to strengthen and grow our membership in certain areas, including: Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire West, Croydon, Surrey East, Kent West, Derbyshire, Leicestershire, West Mercia, Lancashire South East, Manchester and Stockport.

In the next two years, we’re aiming to set up 112 new groups (which we hope will create over 1,600 new places for girls!) and recruit nearly 350 volunteers. The groups will help us to move more girls off our waiting lists, make sure that girls can move upwards and onwards on their guiding journey and help us reach into new communities.

We’ll also be exploring different ways to recruit and welcome volunteers from a broad range of backgrounds and communities – rolling out all the learning from our Improving Access to Guiding project.

While the funding is only available for England regions one of our project’s goals is to share learning from the project across Girlguiding – so watch this space!

Want to get involved?

We want to find out how you collaborate with the Scouts in your area. We know there are joint jamborees, funding applications and social action projects, but we want to hear more. 

Do you or your district run events, camps or celebrations with the Scouts? Do you share halls, equipment or training costs? Do you meet regularly with the Scouts and make joint plans?

But if you’ve tried to work together and it’s not gone as well as you’d hoped, we want to hear from you too!

Delivering Diversity

Delivering Diversity will see us work with WAGGGS to bring guiding to new communities over the next year.

Funded by WAGGGS (the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts) and The UPS Foundation, we’ll be working on a number of projects with the overarching aim of growing our membership and reaching groups that have been underrepresented in guiding previously. 

We know that for us to provide a space for all girls, we need to focus on diversifying our membership – both girls and volunteers – particularly in the most deprived 50% of areas of the UK.

We’ll also be looking at how we can raise awareness of who we are and what we do so that girls, young women and potential volunteers from all backgrounds have the opportunity to join us.

Delivering Diversity will initially focus on four key project areas: 

  • Supporting volunteers with the data, funding and tools they need to open new units. We’re reviewing our grant application process for setting up a unit. And commissioners can order our new Start-up kits – your one-stop shop on starting a unit.
  • Developing our holiday guiding offer. We’ve spoken with volunteers in Gloucestershire, South West England Region, about the excellent holiday guiding they run, to learn from members who are already doing this well. We’ll then be looking to trial this in some other areas of the UK, as well as at our Girlguiding Activity Centres.
  • Working with underrepresented communities to recruit and train more volunteers, and to open new units and better support existing ones. Our research will form the basis of targeted outreach.
  • Piloting and developing the ways that we can recruit volunteers digitally - for example through social media.

We’re really proud to be one of several countries that are putting the project into practice. Other countries that WAGGGS are supporting to grow and diversify their membership through this project include Nigeria, the Arab Region, the Netherlands and Mexico. You can find out more about the partnership on WAGGGS' website here

Keep an eye out for more updates on Delivering Diversity as the project develops.

Get in touch

We’d love to hear from you if you’d be interested in getting involved in any of the above four areas within the Delivering Diversity project.

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