Ideas for online guiding

Ideas and advice for how to take guiding online

There's different ways of doing virtual guiding - find what suits you and your unit

Guiding online is going to be a bit different to real-life unit meetings, but it can still be a great way to connect with young members, have fun and try new challenges.

Our Adventures at home hub shares ideas and activities, including meeting activities from our programme, that you can share with young members while we're all guiding from home. We also have advice on adapting and using programme materials in your virtual meetings.

Hear from other volunteers

The latest issue of guiding magazine shares tips and ideas from members on how they've got started with virtual guiding. Find some inspiration for your own unit meetings.

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Group online guiding

Group guiding will bring girls and volunteers together digitally, so it’s more like running a virtual unit meeting.

You can use video calls or audio conference calls to connect with a group or unit, and share conversations and activity ideas. It can also be a great way to manage volunteer meetings when you can’t all be in the same space. You can work together on activities, run quizzes, have a singalong or danceathon - get creative with trying new activities in the group call.

These group calls might take a bit of practice to get working for your unit, so give yourself time to explore the technology before you get started.

Solo online guiding

Solo online guiding doesn't involve any group or unit meetings. As a leader or volunteer you can choose an activity and share this with the girl’s parents or carers, or directly with young members age 14 and over. 

You can do this through instant messaging, social media or emails – check our Digital safeguarding policy  before you start. 

Remember – you should never be in a one-to-one conversation with a member aged under 14 through messaging or email. This includes instant messaging within group conversations.

You could share a tutorial video, an Adventures at home activity card, a great story you found, an audio guide or a podcast. You could even make your own videos to share your activity ideas and instructions.

Your unit can then do the activity in their own time, following the instructions you’ve shared. When they are ready to show their results and share with you what they’ve done, they can take photos. These can be sent back to you by their parents/carers, or by girls aged 14 and over.

Help with virtual guiding

Our trainers are running a series of online sessions to support you to get started with online guiding. You can find full details, and how to book, in the Learning opportunities area on GO.

Every two months they run a Beyond scavenger hunts session alongside their suite of other sessions around virtual guiding. These sessions have a panel of leaders sharing activities they have been up to with their girls.

Beyond scavenger hunts

Do you want more activity ideas – come along to our Beyond scavenger hunts sessions to hear about what other leaders have been up to with their girls and gather lots of ideas.

Don’t worry if you missed these sessions. You can find recordings of the webinars and supporting resources in this Dropbox folder.