Digital skills ‘how to’ webinars

Delivered in collaboration with Barclays’ Digital Eagles and Scouts

Support your virtual guiding by brushing up on some digital skills

While we wait for all units to be able to return to face-to-face guiding, lots of our volunteers have used our newly developed virtual activities to host meetings online.

However, we know that lots of volunteers aren’t familiar with the technology required, and don’t feel confident in how to use it. To support you to host fun and successful virtual unit meetings we're running webinars to help you build digital skills and explore activities that work online.

Girlguiding webinars

Our own volunteer trainers run regular interactive webinars that cover all aspects of online guiding. You can book a place on the Learning opportunities page in GO. Sessions cover:

  • Beginner Zoom
  • Intermediate Zoom
  • Getting started with holding unit meetings online
  • Hints and tops for successful meetings for each section
  • Getting started with virtual residentials

Zoom webinars

Our webinar with Zoom shows you how to make the most out of Zoom for virtual meetings. This webinar has been recorded for members who weren't able to attend.

This session covers the basics as well as some more advanced features, like how to manage your waiting room, using break-out rooms, sharing your screen and using the whiteboard.

Barclays' Digital Eagles

Barclay's Digital Eagles worked with us and the Scouts to run three webinars on digital skills.

They covered the basics of how to set up and run a meeting, as well as tips and tricks for making the most of all the features on Zoom and Google Meet.

As we start to transition back to face to face meetings, it is still important to understand how to use these skills. You might want to apply a mixed approach to offline and online guiding, as it will allow you to keep in touch with all members, including those who may still be shielding. It is also a great way of checking in with other volunteers, or even running AGMs. This training will also set you up with the skills you need to run virtual unit meetings if Covid-19 guidelines become stricter, with more regional lockdowns imposed. 

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