New Commissioners

Congratulations on becoming a Commissioner! Here's what happens next.

What happens when I become a commissioner?

Before starting as a commissioner, you should undergo a six-month induction period as a commissioner designate. During this time, you will be supported by a mentor who will be experienced in guiding and knowledgeable about your role.

If you're new to the role, our commissioners handbooks are a great place to start - they cover everything you'll need to know about your responsibilities.

After your designate period

On completion of your designate period, you'll meet with your appointing commissioner to discuss your progress and whether you're both happy for you to continue in your commissioner role. If this is agreed, your GO record will be updated and you'll be presented with a commissioner brooch - silver for district or division Commissioners or gold for county Commissioners.

Returning commissioners

If you have been a commissioner before, you may not need to be a designate for the full six months. However you should have a discussion with your appointing commissioner or a mentor to ensure you are up to date with any changes that have occurred in Girlguiding since you were last a commissioner.