What we've learnt from our first digital magazine

What you thought of our first ever digital issue of guiding magazine

Sue Rees, Lead volunteer for membership communications
23 March 2020

In November we produced our first ever digital issue of guiding magazine, which we sent to almost 65,000 of you. 

By going digital, Girlguiding was able to save over 15 tonnes of paper and 150kg of ink, as well as reducing the environmental impact of transporting the magazine to your doorstep. It gave us the opportunity to try out new ways of sharing information – like the great videos from our young advocates on Future Girl, and active links to the website.

When we asked for your feedback on the digital magazine, over 5,800 of you responded. - thank you! Not only did this give us really useful information to feed into future digital issues, but it also gave us a great insight into the what, where and how you like to read.

Did you know that 16% of respondents who expressed a preference, read their magazine in the bath? Coffee drinking whilst reading just pips tea drinking, and the hairdresser is a more popular venue than the dentist!

But we also know from what you said, that some of you were unable to view this content because of the device or browser you were using, or that the wifi signal was a problem and many of you found reading longer articles more difficult.

This was our first foray into the world of digital and we know we have a lot to learn – your feedback has really helped with that. Girlguiding has always strived to be relevant to the needs of its members and to change with the times. Producing some issues of the magazine digitally is part of that.

We know that not everyone has easy access to a computer or smart phone but for those of you who do, please don’t dismiss the idea of a digital magazine without even looking at it – as one member commented “I wasn't expecting to like it but am actually more likely to read it now”.

The next print issue of guiding should start landing on your doorsteps towards the end of March, filled with inspiring stories and your membership card; the next two issues after that will be delivered to you digitally.

The one thing we are certain of, is that whether in print or digital, the magazine’s priority will always be to deliver an exceptional experience that connects members with the wider Girlguiding community.