How you're keeping guiding going

Our incredible volunteers are using their creativity to keep bringing great guiding to girls during lockdown

12 May 2020

We always knew our members are incredibly creative and dedicated, but the lockdown has really brought this home to us in a new way.

Even though units are not able to meet, our volunteers are still working hard to bring guiding to girls and young women at home. Doing fun and rewarding activities has proved to be an essential part of staying healthy and happy during lockdown, which is why we’re so grateful for all of your hard work.

Here is a round-up of some of our favourite ideas we've seen on social media

Virtual meetings

Lots of you are having fun keeping meetings going over video chat and Zoom!

Tonight we met virtually: we worked on a UMA working in small groups planning meals for a menu and played a game of consequences. It was different to our usual fun but just as rewarding! - 9th Norwich Guides, @9thNchGuides
Lots of online meetings today, but the best one has definitely been our Girlguiding Rangers meeting!  - Bekky, @BekkyAshmore

Many of you are also experimenting with different ways of using technology to set activities and stay connected.

I’ve set up a Slack group for the girls to upload photos of the work they do and for us Owls to send them messages. They also all went home last night with a pack of activities to keep them going for a week or so, then we will email more to them! - Rebecca, @BranchesAdviser

As ever, you’re not limiting yourselves to programme activities either! We love seeing all the creative ways you’re staying connected and having fun.