Searching for inspiration for your unit meetings?

Through this confusing time, we've been working to adapt guiding and bring activities and challenges to girls. If you need inspiration for starting to meet again, check out what we've created during lockdown.

10 September 2020

Girlguiding’s aim throughout this difficult time has been to support leaders and parents to keep girls entertained, learning new things and having fun.

During lockdown we released a whole range of activities, games and challenges that can be used in both virtual and in face-to-face unit meetings, or by girls on their own at home. 

As we progress through the year, we will continue to produce resources that help volunteers to hold unit meetings safely, in whichever way works best for them. We’ll share example virtual meeting agendas to help inspire your first virtual meeting. And we've made example six weekly programme plans for each section.

Here’s a recap of everything we have on offer for young people during this difficult time.

Our programme

A selection of activities from the Girlguiding programme were released throughout March - June on our Adventures at home hub. These activities were selected for girls to easily do on their own or with family at home and to support virtual guiding.

Leaders, units and girls are encouraged to keep using any Girlguiding programme resources they have, such as skills builders, unit meeting activities and badge books.

Some activities might need to be adapted to be used in a virtual meeting, or a meeting with social distancing, check out our ideas for making changes to programme activities.

How to videos

Our new How to video series for all sections brings a range of unit meeting activities to life. They’re perfect for virtual meetings. Or girls can follow along on their own at home! 

Adventures at home

Our Adventures at home hub has grown to include brand new fun activities and virtual games for every section that can be used in virtual meetings and also by girls at home.

Check out our activity suggestions on Twitter and Facebook too so that you can have your own #AdventuresAtHome:

Wellbeing activities 

We've shared activities from our Think Resilient peer education resource that can help children and young people explore their feelings during this time.

More from our friends and partners

We’re supported by a host of amazing businesses and organisations who provide us with everything from research support to equipment for our outdoor adventures.

Many of them have offered their very own brilliant resources for girls, young women, volunteers, and parents to support our members during this time.

All these resources exist for volunteers to use as they wish during lockdown and beyond, in whatever way that suits their unit best, no matter how they’re meeting.

Explore our inspiration, guidance and advice on how to adapt the programme to your particular unit’s needs,to help you get started.