Changes on our website: making activity planning easier

We're finding new ways to help you plan activities and adventures for your unit. Find out more about what you can look forward to.

10 March 2021

This spring we're making some changes to our website that will make it easier for you to plan activities in your unit.

And we're releasing new guidance to help you give girls amazing adventures.

Our activity finder has been a great way to quickly find activities to suit your girls. But now we're all using unit meeting activity cards and skills builder activity cards in our meetings, it's just not as useful as it used to be.

At the same time, the range of activities in the Girlguiding programme keeps growing. There are new unit meeting activity packs being released throughout the year and bonus activities in guiding magazine and on our site. The activity finder just can’t keep up! 

So soon we’ll be reworking the activity finder and upgrading it to create two useful ways for you to plan activities and adventures with girls.

Adventures for girls

First up, you’ll be able to find everything you need for unit adventures in an updated guide to adventurous activities and outdoor fun. This 

We're all looking forward to getting outside and getting adventurous as soon as it's possible this year. So, to help you with safety and planning, we're updating all our advice and guidance for adventurous activities.

Adventure activities are being reviewed by our Outdoor team to make sure all the guidance is in line with best practice and is clear and concise for leaders, with qualification requirements, activity ratios, checklists and safety guidelines.

- Megan, Adventure team

Following the familiar design of our activity finder and badge finder, all the inspiration and advice for your next adventure will be in one easy-to-use listing. You’ll find the forms and vital safety info you need, all in one place. Just like on the badge finder, you’ll be able to search and filter the activities to find something that suits your unit.

Activities for your unit meetings

Then we’ll be making your meeting planning even easier. A new activity finder, just for programme activities, is on its way.

Every unit meeting activity, including those shared in guiding magazine, and every skills builder activity will be listed in a quick-reference list. You'll be able to easily search for something that fits your girls and your meetings, then use your activity cards to bring it to life.

Want a 20-minute Take Action activity to help your Brownies reach their theme award? Just a few clicks will show you all the activity options.

Need to find a Be Well activity but don't want to include food because of allergies? You'll be able to clearly see all types of risks in an activity, along with other things to watch out for, in this new listing. It will be effortlessly linked with our online shop too, so, you can easily see which packs you need to fill in the gaps in your activity collection.

That's not all. Since we launched our new programme, we’ve released several unit meeting activities for free in guiding magazine. For the past few digital issues, you’ve been able to download the activity cards as PDFs so you can keep them all in one place.

Alongside the launch of the new programme activity finder, we’ll be adding all these free programme activities to our online shop as digital download versions, ideal for virtual guiding sessions! No need to worry if your old magazine has got lost or damaged – you’ll be able to find the activity you need in no time.

To make sure no favourite activities are lost when the old activity finder retires, over the next few months we’ll be releasing blogs that capture the most relevant and popular activity ideas. And we’ll be keeping all our members updated as these changes are revealed.