Judaism is one of the oldest religions still practiced today - use our tips to make sure that Jewish members are included in guiding

What is Judaism?

Judaism is one of the oldest religions. Jewish people believe in one God and have the Torah as their central text.


Jewish religious leaders are called rabbis, which in Hebrew means ‘teacher’. Their place of worship is a synagogue.

There are different denominations of Judaism who may vary in how they interpret Jewish law. For example, in Orthodox Judaism the laws, as written in the Torah, are strictly followed, but in Reform and Liberal Judaism laws are seen as more open to interpretation.

Points to consider

The Jewish holy day of rest is the Sabbath, which lasts from sunset on Friday to sunset on Saturday. This may mean that some Jewish members are not able to attend guiding events on a Friday evening, or Saturday.

For many Jewish people it is a requirement that they only eat kosher food. This is food that has been selected and prepared in accordance with guidelines from the Torah. See our guidance on dietary requirements for tips and advice on how to make sure that all diets are catered for.

Things you can do in your unit

Developing your beliefs is part of the Promise, so if there is a Jewish girl or volunteer in your unit take this as an opportunity to learn more. You could:

  • ask a parent, volunteer, girl or young women to lead a session on Judaism
  • visit a synangogue
  • learn about a Jewish festival such as Passover
  • read a story from the Torah.