Muslims, the followers of Islam, believe that there is one God, Allah - support and include Muslim members with this simple guidance

What is Islam?

Muslims, the followers of Islam, believe that there is one God, Allah.


Muslims believe that Allah sent down a number of prophets – including Jesus, Moses and Abraham. They believe that Muhammad was His final prophet.

There are different denominations of Islam who may differ in their interpretations of Islam and some of their practices.

The key text of Islam is the Qur’an. Muslims also follow the example of the Prophet Muhammad’s life and reports of what he said or approved of.

Muslims worship in mosques and their leaders are called imams.

Points to consider

For many Muslims it is a requirement that their food is halal. See our dietary requirements information for tips and advice on how to make sure that all diets are catered for.

Some religious festivals in the Muslim calendar, such as Ramadan, require a period of fasting. This may affect girls and volunteers being able to attend meetings.

Muslim members may choose to wear a hijab, or other modest clothing. This is the member’s choice and should be allowed. Girlguiding’s uniform rules are flexible to accommodate this.

Things you can do in your unit

Developing your beliefs is part of the Promise, so if there is a Muslim girl or volunteer in your unit take this as an opportunity to learn more. You could:

  • ask a parent, volunteer, girl or young women to lead a session on Islam
  • visit a local Mosque
  • learn about a Muslim festival such as Eid-al-Fitr - the end of Ramadan
  • find out about the Five Pillars of Islam