Adapting qualifications

Make changes to qualifications to be inclusive while getting people to demonstrate the same skills

Our qualifications offer a great opportunity for all our members to gain skills and experience

Girlguiding's adult guiding qualifications allow members to develop skills and experience in giving girls a great guiding experience. However, there may be times that these qualifications need to be adapted for members with additional needs. This is a requirement, so that all members can be included within Girlguiding.

To achieve a qualification, a member must demonstrate that they have a set of specific skills. The outcomes of the qualification cannot change but, when necessary, you can change the route that a member takes to achieve these.

Always discuss any changes to the qualification with the member beforehand. They may not require, or want, any changes to be made. This is their decision.

How to change the route

To help adapt the route to achieving these skills, think SET qualifications:



What skills are required to achieve the qualification, and what are the core outcomes? These will be clear from the module descriptions in each qualification. Discuss these skills with the member and how they hope to work towards them. This is no different to the process that should be taken with all adult members working towards a Girlguiding qualification.


How will the member record their achievements? Do these need to be in written form? They may wish to be more creative. Video and photo evidencing could be used to demonstrate skills. If it is entirely necessary to provide written evidence - for example, demonstrating the use of forms - someone else could act as scribe.


Is there a time restriction to achieve the qualification? Does there need to be a time restriction? Could this be relaxed?

The full 1st Response and 1st Response Refresher courses are both attendance-based courses. A participant cannot 'fail' these courses.

Get advice on including all

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