Adapting games and activities

Hints and tips to help members adapt games and activities to include girls of all abilities.

Sometimes you need to adapt your programme so that all girls can take part

These hints and tips will help you to make small changes to make guiding available to all girls.


  • Rules
  • Equipment
  • Changes to speed and force
  • Instructions
  • Practice
  • Environment
  • Skills


Can the rules be simplified or relaxed?


Can you change the equipment? You could use bigger targets, soft balls or equipment that makes a noise.

What equipment is necessary to make an activity happen? If a girl needs different equipment for a craft or activity, it may make her feel less self-conscious if all the girls are given this equipment rather than singling her out.

Changes to speed and force

Do girls have to run to play the game? Can girls move in a different way across the space? For a craft, could it be completed over multiple weeks? Consider whether you could have multiple activities happening at once in case some girls finish quicker than others.


What is the simplest way to explain an activity? Try using visual prompts, such as flashcards, to make things clearer. How about getting the girls to explain the activity to each other? Remember, it doesn't matter if girls make mistakes or don't understand.


Have a practice run of the game. This means you can check if all the girls understand how the game is played.


Think about where you are playing the game or doing the activity. Do you need more space? Do girls all need to be sat at tables or can the use of the space be more varied?


What skills are needed to complete the task and are these completely necessary? Could girls tear paper rather than use scissors? Can they work as a team or in pairs? If taking this approach, apply it to everyone in the unit rather than an individual. Remember, things do not have to be perfect! It's better that girls try and develop their own skills rather than have activities be done for them!

Accessible programme books and resources

Our programme resources, including activity cards, skills builders, badge books and handbooks, are available in a range of accessible formats.

If you need these accessible resources, please email [email protected] outlining:

  • Your name and email address
  • Your access need
  • The resource format you require

A member of the programme team will then be back in touch within five working days to help with your request.

Get advice on including all

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