Living the Promise and the Law

Support your girls to live according to the values of the guiding Promise and Law

Learning to live by our Promise and Law benefits girls beyond their time in guiding.

The Promise links us to other Girlguiding members and those involved in guiding across the world. It's important to plan activities that help your girls to explore how they will incorporate these values into all areas of their lives.

Follow the Five Essentials

  • By living the Promise, all our members share a commitment to a common standard, which is one of the Five Essentials. Help your unit live by the Promise by ensuring that the Five Essentials are evident throughout your programme plan.

Celebrate the Promise

  • Show your girls that living the Promise is a privilege and a gift. It reinforces positive personal values, self-awareness, self-respect and care and consideration for others, which will benefit them and their communities throughout life.
  • Explore the Guiding traditions and Get guiding topics in our unit meeting activity packs to bring the Promise and Law to life through our programme.
  • Encourage girls to create their own Promise celebrations.

Agree your shared values

  • Agree a set of unit guidelines so that everyone understands how they should behave towards each other. Use these guidelines to support discussion around any behaviour from girls or adults that does not live up to the Promise.
  • Make sure that everyone understands the concepts in the Promise. For example, you can read and act out stories with messages to help Rainbows understand concepts such as difference and tolerance.

Apply guiding principles to daily life

  • Support the girls to understand the Law for their section and what that means applied to daily life.
  • Set Rainbows or Brownies a challenge to help another person and at the next meeting find out what they did.