Having fun

A balanced and varied programme should always include fun experiences for girls

Having fun while staying safe is at the heart of good guiding.

Finding fun things for girls to do is an essential consideration for planning your programme.

Keep things fresh

  • Plan ahead to make sure you offer a wide range of activities at meetings, from unit meeting activities to mini Olympics, skills builders and performances. 
  • Keep things enjoyable by asking girls to tell you what they enjoy in their meetings and what else they would like to do.

Make it fun for you

  • Make meetings fun for leaders too! If you are enjoying yourself then girls in your unit are likely to have a good time as well.

Stay safe

  • Always have enough leaders and other adults in and outside the meeting place to be able to follow adult-to-child ratio guidelines when delivering the programme.
  • Check the meeting place regularly for safety hazards and undertake a fire drill.
  • Make sure you are aware of Girlguiding safeguarding policies and stay up to date on topics such as online safety.
  • Read the safety guidance for leaders included in the programme. 
  • Always risk assess every activity.  

What you need to know about safeguarding and risk.

Fun things to do

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