Creating challenge and adventure

Ideas for planning a variety of challenging activities for girls to try at meetings

Make sure you offer girls challenging activities inside and outside of the unit meeting place.

Challenge your girls - and yourself - by planning a variety of activities over the year and making sure that no two years are the same. Making sure that girls regularly get the chance to try new things is an important part of good guiding.

Try something new outdoors

  • There are plenty of new and exciting unit meeting activities for your girls within the Have adventures theme of the programme which is all about getting outdoors and trying new challenges. 
  • See which of the Have adventures skills builders your girls would like to start. 
  • Challenge girls to go geocaching with a smartphone, or orienteering with a map and compass. Remember that girls in all sections can take part in these activities with the right support!
  • Take Rainbows on a walk to see how many different colours they can spot, or how many different shapes they can find.
  • Take Brownies sledging in the summer at a dry-ski run.
  • Have a treasure hunt around your area while learning some local history.

Go camping indoors

  • Give girls a taster of going away and hold a camp or sleepover indoors during your usual meeting time.

Get imaginative about adventure

  • Get younger girls out of their comfort zone without having to go too far. You can camp with your Rainbow unit during a meeting by setting up a mini campsite in your local park with tents, a camp stove and camp games.

Let girls take over

  • Let the Brownies or Guides take over the unit meeting and plan their own adventure. Make sure they get a chance to prepare for their takeover before it happens.