Our policy consultation responses

We give girls a platform to tell decision makers about the issues that matter to them

Our recent responses to consultations.

To make sure girls' voices are heard, we regularly respond to government and decision makers' calls for evidence on key issues. We use testimonies and evidence from our research reports, including our annual Girls' Attitudes Survey, and feedback from our Advocates and British Youth Council members in our responses. 

Here you can see a selection of our recent responses. To see the full list visit the archive page.

Comprehensive spending review

September 2021

Our case for investing in girls’ and young women’s futures in the Autumn Budget 2021. We highlighted key areas and issues where funding is needed to improve their lives, such as sexual harassment and safety, sport, online harms and mental health. We also supported the joint response with the Back Youth Alliance requesting a realignment of £1.2bn of  annual funding so community-based youth work can flourish. Read our full response here.

Body image

July 2020

Our response to the Women and Equalities Committee inquiry into body image, highlighting the relentless and harmful pressures girls and young women face around their appearance. Read our full response to the body image inquiry. 

Online harms

June 2019

Our response to the government’s white paper on how to make the internet safer for young people and everyone that uses it. Read our full response to the online harms White paper.

Deposit return scheme

July 2019

Our Future Girl consultation showed that protecting the environment and reducing plastic use was one of girls’ top priorities. Read our full response to the deposit return scheme consultation.

Pregnancy discrimination

March 2019

Our Girls' Attitudes Survey clearly shows that girls are concerned about the impact that having children will have on their careers and fear that employers prefer to hire men. We support proposals to improve protections for pregnant women and those returning to work after pregnancy. Read our full response to the pregnancy discrimination consultation.

Children’s rights

May 2019

We believe it’s important that the voices of children and young people are considered and taken seriously when formulating policies and practices that will affect them, including the use of digital technologies. Read our response to the UN consultation on promoting and protecting children and young people’s rights online.