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Will you help provide grants for disabled members?

Guiding without barriers

We believe that disability should never be a barrier to girls enjoying every adventure that guiding has to offer.

Many girls in guiding have one or more impairment, including mobility-related disabilities, learning disabilities and behavioural challenges. We know that making sure that activities are fully accessible can come with additional costs. So, we offer grants to disabled members, and those who support them, to help remove financial worries from running unit meetings, camps and trips.

Applications for these grants are increasing year on year. So we’re fundraising in various ways to help meet demand.

Can you help ensure the future of these grants by donating today?

Yes, I want to help

Yes, I want to help

Yes, I want to help

Meet Emma

The summer months are filled with adventure, camping and the great outdoors for many members. Girls and volunteers travel the length of the country and the world, pushing their limits and doing things they never believed they could.

Just like Emma’s Brownie unit, who were planning a weekend away with activities from canoeing to ziplining. But for Emma, who has a life-limiting illness and is a wheelchair-user, taking part wouldn’t be possible without the help of a full-time carer.

But, after applying for and receiving an accessible guiding grant, Emma was able to join her unit, together with a 1:1 carer who made sure she had the same opportunities as all of the other girls.

In the words of her unit leader, Emma ‘got to have the same care-free, glee-filled, adrenaline-pumping adventure as all the other Brownies, due in no small part to the grant we received to support her care.’

Make a difference

There are so many girls just like Emma who will have amazing experiences this summer because they received one of these grants. From covering the costs for a volunteer 'buddy' to support a disabled member while at camp to paying for vital specialist equipment, these grants help to make adventure accessible to all girls.

As a charity, we depend on the generosity of people like you, who understand the importance of what we do for girls, to make these grants possible.

Your support today could open a world of adventure, exploration and opportunities for girls in the future.

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Donate Now

Donate Now

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*In 2018, 76,000 four to 25-year-old members told us what they care about as part of our work towards what became our Future Girl mandate. This statistic came out of that research.