Give a girl joy in 2019

Will you help open a new unit in a deprived area?

Spread happiness and confidence to girls everywhere

There’s a little voice that lots of girls hear. It tells them, 'You can’t do that' when they want to do something new and adventurous.

Sadly, many girls today are growing up without the chance to prove that little voice wrong, even though they want to. Because they never get to be a Rainbow, Brownie, Guide or Ranger. But this year, you could change that.

Will you make a donation towards a new unit in a deprived area? You’ll help give some of the 70,000 girls on waiting lists across the country the chance to join.

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Donate now

Donate now

Meet Caroline

It’s really important we set up new units where they’re most needed. This is something Caroline feels strongly about. She started at Brownies when she was seven, and now she runs Guides and Rangers units in areas where growing up isn’t always easy.

'Girls in not-so-privileged areas need to have the same opportunities as everyone else. Sometimes there just aren’t any safe girl-only spaces, and for older girls, there’s all this pressure to be Instagram-ready.

'Girlguiding is working hard to open units in these areas, breaking down expectations and barriers. Now girls have a place where they can have fun with each other – and start to believe in themselves.

'I have abseiled, canoed, ice skated, grass tobogganed, foraged for my own food and slept under the stars – all thanks to the confidence and skills I gained as a Brownie and Guide.'

By helping to provide the funds for new units, you’ll help offer girls experiences they won’t get elsewhere. And you’ll help them gain skills for life they may never otherwise have.

So please will you send a gift today?

Thank you so much for your support. Girlguiding is a charity and we depend on the generosity of people like you, who understand the importance of what we do for girls.

'I wouldn’t be where I am today without Girlguiding' says Caroline. And many others would tell you the same. Because being a Rainbow, Brownie, Guide or Ranger brings joy and so much more – confidence, self-belief and a little voice that says, 'Yes! You can do that.'

We all need a little voice like that. And in 2019, you could help a girl growing up in a deprived area find it.

Yes I want to help

Yes I want to help

Yes I want to help