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How to give the gift of guiding to more girls and young women including to the Guide Friendship Fund and GOLD Bursary

Donate by post

Send a cheque, banker’s draft or postal order made payable to Girlguiding to: 

17-19 Buckingham Palace Road
London SW1W 0PT

You can donate to Girlguiding as a whole charity, or to a specific fund you're passionate about.

Give to Girlguiding funds

The Guide Friendship Fund (GFF) helps overseas Guide Associations by funding projects that improve the lives of girls and young women and benefit their communities.

It also helps units or Associations affected by natural disasters or emergencies such as flooding or fire. The GFF operates through the WAGGGS Mutual Aid Scheme.

What is the WAGGGS Mutual Aid scheme?

The scheme aims to promote international cooperation, friendship and understanding among Member Organisations of the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS). Member Organisations with higher incomes pledge funds to support projects run by those in poorer countries. Past projects have focused on issues such as literacy, rights awareness, self-esteem and health.

Does the GFF help UK units too?

Yes - if your registered unit is in an area of need you could apply for a UK units in need grant of up to £250.

Is it connected to the World Thinking Day Fund?

No - the two funds are separate. The GFF is run by Girlguiding and makes donations to individual Associations. The World Thinking Day Fund is run by WAGGGS, and the money is used to support all of their work with guiding around the world.

How can I donate?

To donate to the fund, make your cheque payable to The Guide Friendship Fund. Everything that you donate to the GFF goes to help others as administrative costs are covered by Girlguiding Headquarters. 

How your donation can make a difference

Rebecca Cook, Branches Advisor, arranged a scholarship through the GFF for Winn Thant Thant from Myanmar to attend the Arts4change Kusafiri event in Madagascar.

‘It’s a great way of supporting Associations around the world where girls don’t have the same opportunities that we have here in the UK,’ she says. ‘Going to the event and meeting Winn was amazing – it really brought home the fact that we’re part of a worldwide movement where we can share our experiences and knowledge. And it’s especially good to know that, thanks to our members, we’re able to help others.

And Winn agrees: ‘I had a really wonderful experience in Kusafiri. It was my first time in Africa, and it was amazing to learn about the history and culture of Madagascar – and I got to see lemurs! I also learnt a Madagascan saying: “Don’t wait for tomorrow. Just do it right now with what you have." I’ve taken that to heart by running training sessions on the things I learnt at Kusafiri and visiting villages to tell people what the Girl Guide Association can offer girls in Myanmar.’

GOLD (Guiding Overseas Linked with Development) allows Girlguiding members aged between 18 and 30 to take part in community development projects overseas.

The Bursary is a vital lifeline for GOLD that is given to girls who may find it difficult to raise the money for their involvement in GOLD projects.

How the Bursary is used

  • To provide a carer for those with special needs on a GOLD project or for another international opportunity.
  • Buy specialist equipment to enable a young member to participate in a GOLD project
  • Offer grants to young women with a place on a GOLD project who live in socially- and economically-deprived areas
  • Fund the participation fees for other international opportunities for participants from socially- and economically- deprived areas.

How to donate

Send a cheque payable to 'Girlguiding' and mark it with GOLD Bursary.

The GOLD bursary team (made up of past GOLD participants) is always looking for more support in the form of donations or volunteers to help organise events. Get in touch with the team to find out how you can support them.

Girlguiding is an adventure

Girlguiding is an adventure Bryony, Guide

It's the most adventurous thing I have been a part of because it gives you so many new opportunities to meet people and see things you wouldn’t normally see. It’s just an amazing experience.