Give girls badges not labels

Will you help empower girls?

Girls spend their lives fighting labels.

These are the stereotypes girls encounter at school, in the media, in adverts and online. The assumptions and prejudices that can change how they behave and express themselves. Research has shown that, from as young as seven, girls are deeply affected – 55% of girls aged 7 to 21 say gender stereotypes affect their ability to say what they think (Girls’ Attitudes Survey 2017).

Donate and empower girls

Donate to help empower girls

Donate today and empower girls

For over 100 years, Girlguiding has been empowering girls, giving them a safe space to grow and gain confidence. Making sure that every girl who wants to can get involved, no matter her background or interests. Helping her develop the skills she needs to thrive. Supporting her to be herself, have fun and be her best. 

At Girlguiding, we help girls challenge labels. And we recognise girls with badges – for leading, learning and discovering.

But right now, around 70,000 girls don’t have this amazing opportunity.

That’s because they’re on a waiting list to join. Waiting for a unit to open near them or for volunteers to be trained to support them. But with more resources, more girls can get access to guiding.

So will you support our work with a regular gift?

Donations can help in so many ways: from recruiting and training volunteer leaders, to giving grants to help new units get off the ground, to developing exciting activities. You’ll be giving girls the chance to make friends, learn skills and earn amazing new badges.

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