Meet our partners: Tesco

Our two year partnership with Tesco is all about exploring healthy eating with our younger members

We’re working with Tesco to help girls to build a happy and healthy relationship with food

Tesco has not only made a fantastic investment in our charity, but has supported our programme of exciting and fun activities for Rainbows (girls aged five to seven) and Brownies (girls aged seven to ten).

Through our exciting two year partnership with The Tesco Eat Happy Project, we aim to engage our young members with food in a fun and thought-provoking way. Partnering with Tesco has given us an excellent opportunity to create an alliance rooted in a shared value – the importance of healthy eating.

Farm to Fork Trails – available through The Tesco Eat Happy Project – are designed to offer girls across the UK a unique insight into food production, sustainability and healthy eating. These are all things that benefit guiding at a local level.

Girlguiding is communicating the opportunities available through the partnership to our members through our substantial and wide reaching suite of communications channels. This includes support across our social media channels and blogs on our website, e-newsletters to our members and advertising and features in guiding magazine.

Since The Tesco Eat Happy Project began in 2014, more than 2 million children have been on a Farm to Fork Trail, which aimes to help them have a healthier and happier relationship with food. During these exciting, interactive trails children learn where their food comes from, about eating a healthy, balanced diet and how to read nutritional labels – all whilst having fun! – Lindsey Crompton, Head of Community at Tesco

A trail of discovery

Tesco have worked with Girlguiding to create a free, fun challenge for our younger members to complete. Rainbows and Brownies can follow the Farm to Fork Trail either in store or in their unit - learning about healthy eating and where their food comes from. Girls have the chance to touch, smell and taste a variety of fruit and vegetables, learn how bread is made, sample different cheeses and even watch a fish being prepared at the seafood counter.

Girls who complete the four core trails earn a Farm to Fork badge for taking part. The project can also be used to support the Rainbow Roundabout Get Healthy or the Brownie Cook Badge, providing a link back to our core programme.

Our collaboration in brief

Our partnership with Tesco runs over two years, and we are supporting the partnership with:

  • social media campaigns – engaging over 60,000 followers
  • exposure via all our section targeted e-newsletters - reaching around 100,000 Leaders and Unit Helpers
  • parents mailing - reaching over 300,000 parents of young members
  • a dedicated online hub on our website
  • blogs
  • adverts and dedicated features in guiding magazine – read by over 100,000 volunteers.

More about Tesco's Eat Happy Project

Tesco is a team of 480,000 colleagues, in 11 markets around the world. They are dedicated to serving shoppers a little better every day. The Tesco Eat Happy Project is a long-term commitment to help primary-aged children have a healthier and happier relationship with food. Tesco wants to give children the tools they need to make better decisions about what they eat. Visit the Tesco Eat Happy Project website to learn more.

Get girls thinking and doing

Partnering with us on programme is a great way to get girls exploring a topic key to your business or organisation. If you have a fantastic idea for a challenge or resource, or would like to bring any other ideas to the table, contact our Partnerships team.