Our fundraising promise

We make a commitment to our supporters to be honest, respectful, reasonable and accountable

Our fundraising promise to our supporters

As a charity, we want to enable you to support us with confidence. Across all our fundraising activity, we promise to be:

  • committed to high standard
  • honest and open
  • fair and reasonable
  • clear
  • respectful
  • accountable.

Your personal information

Girlguiding is committed to protecting the personal data of our members and supporters.

Your personal data is safe and is stored securely by us. We will not share your personal details with any third party unless we have permission to do so. For more information about how your personal data is collected, stored and used by us, please view our privacy policy.

Our contact with you

If you would like to update your contact preferences, or if you have any questions about how your personal details are used for fundraising purposes, please contact the Fundraising team.

Ethical partnerships

Any corporate or organisational partnership we enter should build on and reinforce the statement of purpose and values of Girlguiding. We have a responsibility to develop partnerships that enable all our girls and young women to fulfil their potential. When working with partners, we adhere to Girlguiding's ethical criteria and guidance for partnerships.

For further details on this guidance contact the Corporate Partnerships team on [email protected] The Institute of Fundraising also offers some useful guidance how charities and other fundraising organisations can work with the commercial sector.

Fundraising Preference Service

The Fundraising Preference Service (FPS) is a new online service which allows you to stop email, telephone calls, addressed post and/or text messages directed to you personally from a charity or charities, just by adding your details on their site. For more information visit the FPS website. 

Any concerns

To register a complaint or concern about any element of our fundraising activity, please call 020 7834 6242.