Fundraising in your community

Fundraise locally and make the most of your links in the community

Your local community is a good place to start fundraising for guiding in your area

At Girlguiding, we have years of successful local fundraising experience. To raise more money in your area, ask your contacts and networks for donations or help with events.

Where to start in your community

  • People who know you - from friends and family to neighbours and colleagues.
  • Local businesses or shops - for donations, gifts for raffles or contributions to your project.
  • Local organisations - try clubs and trusts like Freemasons, Rotary Clubs, Inner Wheel, Lions and Round Table.
  • Local institutions - schools, colleges and universities often have charity budgets.
  • Local fundraising initiatives - look for schemes that help local organisations to raise money.
  • Raffles and lotteries - make sure you read the legal requirements before you start this fun way of fundraising.

Find a great idea

If you're looking for an idea for fundraising in your community, get inspiration from our A to Z of community fundraising activities and events.

If you are unsure about any safety or legal aspects of fundraising, please contact the Fundraising team.

Plan your fundraising

Read our guide to planning your activity and don't forget some specific tips for community fundraising.

  1. When and where - think carefully about your date and venue. You may already know somewhere - perhaps a community centre or your workplace - or you can do some research. Think about things like toilets, catering facilities and wheelchair access.
  2. Spread the word - advertising is key to a successful event. Put up posters in local shops, libraries and doctor's surgeries. Send emails to friends, family and colleagues. Advertise on social media like Facebook. Don't forget your company’s magazine, intranet or canteen notice board.
  3. Budget - if the event is ticketed, work out all your costs before setting the price to ensure you make enough money. Make sure you have enough cash-flow to pay any bills that need settling upfront.
  4. Be safe and be legal - you may need to get permission to collect donations at a fundraising event. Always remember to carry out a risk assessment and check for any regulations or licensing laws that apply to your event on the Fundraising Regulator website. Age restrictions on bucket collections and other requirements can vary depending on location. We encourage all members to follow guidance set-out by the Fundraising Regulator, and to approach their local authorities for specific information.
  5. Bank any money you have raised - it is very important you bank any money you have raised in person as quickly as possible. If you are unable to do that, make sure you keep it in a safe and secure location until you can bank it. You should always have two unrelated people count the cash and keep a record of how much has been counted. More advice on the correct way to handle cash, cheque and card donations can be found here
  6. Boost the proceeds - before the event takes place, check to see if you can claim Gift Aid on the donations you receive which will boost your final income.
  7. Thank people - after the event, don't forget to thank the people who helped out and attended. Let them know how much was raised and how the money will be used by Girlguiding to support our work.

Planning an event?

There are many benefits to hosting an event as part of your fundraising. Not only do they have great potential to boost your unit’s voluntary income, but they can also offer you a wealth of opportunity to engage with your wider community, and broaden your network of supporters – as well as the simple fact that quizzes, karaoke nights, and barbecues are all great fun!


Our guide to hosting a fundraising event is designed to get you thinking both practically and creatively about the ways in which you can start to plan, prepare and deliver your very own fundraising event.

Download our event guide