Ways to fundraise

A guide to sources of funding for local guiding - including some you know and some you might not

Choose the type of fundraising that is best for you

There are lots of different ways to fundraise including activities in your local community, challenge events like running a marathon or walking the Great Wall of China, applications to trusts and foundations and corporate donations and gifts.

When deciding what type of fundraising to do, start by thinking about what you're raising money for and what you want to achieve. Some projects and activities will fit better with one type of fundraising than another. You may want to consider a mix of different types of fundraising.

Be clear about where your funds are going and what will be done with excess money if more is raised than needed. For example, ‘We are raising funds to contribute to our overseas trip…if we can raise over our target, any excess funds will be used for future trips.’

Don’t forget that you're not only raising funds for a specific project or activity, you're also supporting a broader goal. These are all the benefits that girls get from being part of Girlguiding - such as gaining confidence or skills. The projects may also benefit the local community too. Keep this mind when you're asking for funding.

Before you start fundraising think about your project - who will benefit and what will be different as a result. This will help you when you approach funders and write applications.

Plan your fundraising

Before you start fundraising make a plan. This will help you be successful. Your plan should cover how much you need to raise, how long you have to fundraise, what resources you have, how many people will be involved in the process and what the outcome of your project will be.

Try to involve your girls as much as possible. They'll have lots of ideas and are your biggest advocates when approaching potential funders as they're the ones who will benefit from any donations.

Sources of funding

To help you get started, check out our advice on approaching these fundraising opportunities:

  • Partners and local business - how to contact local companies and encourage them to show their support for your unit and your girls.
  • Trusts and foundations - understand how trusts and foundations award their money, how you can find them and how to write a great application.
  • Community and events - get your community excited about what Girlguiding offers girls.

Get help with your fundraising

Got a question? Our experienced fundraising team are here to help. We can’t fundraise for you but we can help you get the most from your activities.