A-Z of charity fundraising activities

From auctions to Zumba, here are loads of fab ideas to raise money for Girlguiding

Get charity fundraising inspiration from our A-Z of ideas, activities and events

Our resources for fundraising events give you all you need for our top event ideas - from bingo to beetle drive!


A is for auction - offer your services as a dog walker, life organiser or lawn tamer to the highest bidder.

B is for barbecue - cook your way to success – even the smell is bound to draw people in.

C is for clothes swap - get your stylish friends or colleagues to donate items and invite people to make a small donation for each item they take home.

D is for duck race - hire a set of rubber ducks and race them. The sponsor of the first duck over the line wins.

E is for employers - see if your workplace will match any funds you raise, or help by sponsoring equipment or publicity costs.

F is for food - organise a ‘Come Dine with Me’ event and see who can throw the best dinner party on a budget.

G is for 'Great British Bake Off' - pit your baking skills against those of your friends or colleagues.

H is for hundred club - ask friends to buy a number from 1 to 100 and if it’s drawn out of the hat, they win a prize!

I is for ideas - talk to friends who have raised money for another charity – they might have some brilliant ideas!

J is for jive, swing or do-si-do - invite a dance teacher to hold a class and charge people to take part.

K is for kickabout - organise a five-a-side football tournament. Or go for the table version instead.

L is for lunchboxes - save your colleagues the hassle of popping out for a sandwich by making a big batch of soup, stew or curry and selling portions at work.

M is for murder mystery evening - will it be Death by Chocolate..?

N is for nurse, knight or novelist - what did you want to be when you grew up? Charge people £1 to try and match the adult with their childhood ambition – or to spend a day dressed in their dream role.

O is for Oscar night - get dressed up to the nines, place bets on the winners and compete to write the best acceptance speech.

P is for pit friends against each other - who will emerge victorious from the mini-golf course or be crowned champion of the pool table?

Q is for Queen’s ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ - indulge your guilty pleasures at a karaoke night.

R is for recipe book - finally, a chance to discover the secret of your colleague’s loaf or stew – for a price!

S is for Sshhhh! - try a sponsored silence.

T is for treasure hunts - book a table at a pub or restaurant for your last checkpoint so teams can compare their finds and tot up the scores.

U is for unleash artistic talents - buy in some art supplies or borrow an expert and see what friends can create.

V is for video - make a video explaining why you are fundraising and why Girlguiding is a good cause.

W is for walking – whether it’s close to home or further afield, you could try a sponsored walk, hike or trek.

X is for Xbox - or any other games console. Find a game that’s easy to pick up and organise a tournament.

Y is for your talent - are you a yoga expert? Musical genius? Part time stand-up comedian? Whatever your skill, you could share it with others and charge for an hour’s lesson.

Z is for Zumba - host a Zumba marathon!