We support girls to improve their confidence

Happiness and confidence in girls is declining with 69% of girls aged 7 to 21 feeling like they are not good enough. Girlguiding is fighting against that trend

Girls are losing confidence because of the pressure of everyday life

This is threatening their well-being and holding them back. Girlguiding gives girls tools to cope with these everyday stresses. We support them to feel proud of the things they’ve done and feel happier in themselves. 

As a result, we see girls in guiding become more confident. We see them have more fun, take on new opportunities and have better health and well-being. 

We are Girlguiding. We are #ForTheGirl.

How we help girls feel happier and more confident

  • In Girlguiding, girls challenge themselves to join in adventurous activities like roller skiing, water sports and archery, that show them they can do amazing things when they believe in themselves.
  • Girls take part in activities at their regular local meetings that encourage them to recognise their positive traits and help to boost their confidence.
  • Girls join Think Resilient sessions led by girls for girls to build mental well-being and grow resilience in Brownies, Guides and members of The Senior Section.
  • We call on governments to tackle the pressure that girls are under so that we can improve things for all girls.

Show that you're #ForTheGirl

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Katie, 15, Girlguiding Advocate

Katie, 15, Girlguiding Advocate

When I'm with my Girlguiding unit, I leave my worries at the door and spend a couple of hours having fun, which helps me be a more relaxed person and keep my concerns in perspective.