We support girls to fulfill their career potential

Girls have high aspirations but they don’t think they have the same career opportunities as boys. Girlguiding tells them different

Only 35% of 17 to 21 year old young women think that girls and boys have the same chance of succeeding in their future jobs

Girls' confidence plummets as they progress through secondary school onto university and the workplace, where they are exposed to the barriers that women face in wider society. 

Girlguiding fights against that trend and towards equality for all girls. We empower girls by giving them the chance to choose what they do as part of guiding. We encourage girls to take on leadership roles from an early age. We give them the space and support they need to grow and develop their potential – whatever their future plans.

We are Girlguiding. We are #ForTheGirl.

How we help girls gain skills and experience for their future

  • Girlguiding puts girls in the lead. At regular meetings Rainbows aged 5-6 choose their own activities, Brownies aged 7-10 have the chance to lead their groups or ‘sixes’, and Guides aged 10-14 help lead Rainbows and Brownies.
  • In The Senior Section, girls from 14 to 25 focus on their personal development by learning transferable skills for the future and stand up for what they believe in through social action.
  • Our Camp CEO event offers girls a unique opportunity to be mentored by female CEOs and to think about their own goals.

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