The Royal Navy

Together with the Royal Navy, we want to inspire girls and young women to have adventures and explore new places.

In our annual Girls’ Attitudes Survey 2021, over a third of 7 - 21-year-old girls said they associate traits such as ‘adventurous’, ‘risk-taking’ and ‘brave’ with boys more than girls. We want to help girls challenge these gender stereotypes.

Girlguiding and the Royal Navy’s partnership will provide girls with skills such as navigating on land and at sea, empowering them to have adventures with confidence and skill.

How we’re working together

The Royal Navy sponsor the Explore skills builder, sharing their expertise in exploration, navigation and survival skills to encourage girls to have adventures.

After so much time spent inside, lots of us are keen to get back together and begin reconnecting with the outdoors. What better way to get back to in-person adventures than by completing the Explore skills builder?

By completing the activities in the different stages of the Explore skills builder, girls will develop skills in discovery, exploration, and map reading, gaining the knowledge and inspiration to travel and explore new places. The activities are part of our programme, designed by Girlguiding with input from girls, volunteers and parents.

Looking for more ways to explore? Our friends at the Royal Navy have also co-created three badge booster activities for girls who have completed the Explore skills builder stages 4, 5 and 6. You can download them here:

For girls

You can use the badge finder to find out more about the activities in the Explore skills builder.

Check out this video of G.P.Yes! from stage 5 of the Explore skills builder and have a go at planning your own route using latitude and longitude.

You can also head to our blog for adventure activity ideas from the Royal Navy, which you can enjoy at unit meetings or at home.

For leaders

The Explore skills builder is a great way for you and your unit to get back together and begin reconnecting with the outdoors after so much time spent inside. For those of you who’d like to continue a more flexible approach to meetings, there are plenty of ways to adapt Explore to suit your needs.

About the Royal Navy

The Royal Navy protects the UK and acts as a force for good and a peacekeeper across the globe - whether on land, air or sea.

It’s more than 100 years since the creation of the Women’s Royal Naval Service, and in 1993 the branch was integrated into the Royal Navy to unify as one. The Royal Navy champions equality of opportunity for all and are an ideal partner to work with us to support girls to reach their potential and challenge gender stereotypes.