London Tech Week

Bringing girls voices to the heart of the technology sector

This year Girlguiding will have a headline slot at London Tech Week.

With the help of Girlguiding advocate Alice, we'll bring girls voices to the heart of the technology sector. Alongside experts in the field, Girlguiding will be hosting a panel debate highlighting the need for girls and young women to be involved in the development of artificial intelligence.

Together we will highlight why gender equality is essential for the future development of artificial intelligence and the impact that a lack of diversity in tech could have on the future of AI.

About London Tech Week

London Tech Week is the biggest boldest festival of tech in Europe, bringing together the entire tech community to shape tomorrow’s world. The festival week celebrates all aspects of technology and connects science and creative minds, from startups to corporates, across all key tech sectors. This year London Tech Week will be championing the change makers – the companies and people that challenge the status quo and embrace technology to shape the future.

London Tech Week will be on 11- 17 June 2018

Why is this important?

30% of girls aged 11 – 16 think computing is more for boys. Girlguiding wants all girls to know that any career path they choose is open to them - including technology. London Tech Week shares our passion for gender equality in tech careers. Through collaboration, we hope to break stereotypes and highlight the importance of diversity in a male-dominated sector. 

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