We work with easyJet to help more girls take flight in the field of aviation

Girls take to the skies

Becoming a pilot was named as a dream job amongst 7-10 year old girls, our Girls’ Attitudes Survey found. 76% of 7-10 year old girls also told us that they feel encouraged when they see a woman doing a job they want to do.

So that’s why we’re working with easyJet - to empower more girls to take to the skies and discover role models for a career in aviation.

How we work together

Together we’ve launched the first ever Brownies Aviation badge. It’s designed to engage girls in the science behind aviation and to build a foundation for future study and a career as a pilot.

To earn the Aviation badge, girls challenge themselves to think of 40 things that fly. They then put their engineering skills to the test creating their own aircraft, experimenting with different building materials, structures and launch techniques.

We know from our research that younger girls aspire to all types of careers, including becoming a pilot, however in reality only about 4% of pilots are women. Our partnership will help to tackle the gender stereotypes girls often face as they get older, providing them with relevant skills and building confidence ready for the future to make dream careers become a reality. - Jess Bond, lead volunteer for Girlguiding’s programme renewal

About easyJet

easyJet is Europe’s leading airline providing great value fares and friendly service for over two decades. easyJet has launched the Amy Johnson pilot initiative with the aim of tackling an industry-wide stereotype that piloting is a career for men.

They have committed to ensuring that 20% of new entrant pilots will be female by 2020. As experts in aviation, they’re the perfect partners for our new Aviation badge for Brownies.

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