Our ambition

We’ll know we’re achieving our ambition when people who haven’t been fully included in the past feel welcome and free to be themselves.

Our ambition for diversity and inclusion is to be a place where everyone is welcome, is free to be themselves, and has an equal sense of belonging – whoever they are and wherever they’re from.

We want Girlguiding to be a welcoming place, where different experiences are valued and celebrated.

We want to be a place where the skills of marginalised people are appreciated, their talents are nurtured, and their experiences are valued.

We want all levels of Girlguiding to be as diverse as the communities we live in. We want equity in who holds positions of power – with marginalised people involved in decision-making throughout the organisation and marginalised girls able to see themselves in relatable role models.

We want to see equity – treating everyone fairly by considering what they need.

We will always listen, learn and commit to doing better. And we’ll acknowledge where we haven’t got things right in the past.

“I think Girlguiding could have such a positive impact for LGBT+ youth and offer support in times that can be really difficult and scary.” 

Young member

What does marginalisation mean?

Marginalised people and groups are those who experience being excluded and discriminated against. People can be marginalised for different reasons. It could be because they are people of colour, are LGBT+, have a minoritised faith, are disabled or they are experiencing poverty or discrimination based on their social class. And people can experience greater exclusion or discrimination based on how multiple aspects of their identity overlap or intersect. Considering how different marginalised identities can affect one person is known as intersectionality.