18 Jan 2010 - Beach parties, love letters, snowmen and X-factor

Girlguiding’s Rainbow and Brownie units have issued their top ten tips to adults on how to survive Blue Monday, scientifically judged to be the most depressing day of the year.

As parents across the country struggle to manage the post-Christmas cash crises, freezing weather and failed resolutions, five- to ten-year-olds are giving their advice on how to keep a smile on your face. Focusing on the importance of having fun and spending time together, girls advocate throwing parties, dressing up, building snowmen and having a talent contest as inexpensive ways to keep your spirits up. Girls even suggest that with a bit of imagination you could transform your living room into a beach and your local park into an assault course.

Chief Guide, Liz Burnley, said: 'As the UK’s largest youth organisation just for girls and young women we see every week how good our Rainbows and Brownies are at having a good time, no matter what the weather. We are confident that by following their advice, making time to have fun and prioritising friends and family, we can all survive the January blues.'

Brownies and Rainbows Top Ten Tips

  1. Use your imagination – if it is cold and you wish you were on holiday somewhere hot organise a beach party and pretend you are on a tropical island.
  2. Dress up – if you can’t get new clothes just swap with your friends or your mum – a whole new outfit for free.
  3. Make the best of the British weather – when it’s freezing cold you can build snowmen and make snow angels.
  4. Put it in a letter – write to the people you care about. Send a happy postcard to family and friends telling them how much you love them.
  5. Don’t give up – if you have broken your new year’s resolution just pretend it didn’t happen and start again.
  6. Give something to others – pick a new charity to donate to together as a family or with your friends.
  7. Plan something to look forward to – talk about an adventure you are planning, what film you want to watch, or what band you are going see.
  8. Smile at people – when you know people are stressed and unhappy smile at them to make them feel better.
  9. Get fit together – don’t go for a run by yourself, make your own assault course and run around at home or at the park together. Loser does the washing up.
  10. Act it out – practice plays or songs with your family or friends when you don’t have money to go out – like your own X-factor.

Rainbows have fun! They play games, have parties and make things while developing life skills.

Brownie meetings are full of challenges, games and activities, usually ones that the Brownies have suggested themselves.

Guiding has had a positive impact on girls' lives for the past 100 years.