Minifig mayhem at Girlguiding HQ

We are unfortunately experiencing some difficulties at Headquarters this morning as we’ve been locked out of the building by a horde of tiny invaders who seem to have gained access overnight.

Lego Minifigs take over the Girlguiding office

The intruders call themselves ‘Minifigs’. They are small, resourceful and brave (like many of our younger members), and are demanding a few changes to the charity.

The Minifigs’ demands are as follows:

  1. They want sole ownership of HQ.
  2. Girlguiding will change its name to ‘Girlfigs’.
  3. The Big Brownie Birthday will now be called ‘The Small Brownie Birthday’.*

*They would still like a party to celebrate 100 years of Brownies. However, as they are so small they’ve only actually asked for one balloon.

The Minifigs are now trying to communicate with the outside world. They want to speak to the Prime Minister, the BBC, and goodness knows who else besides. We aren’t sure what their demands to them are going to be either.

Minifigs at work in the Girlguiding officeNaturally, they’re having some difficulty with the size of phones and computers in the office, but they are very ingenious. We can see them through the windows, typing by jumping up and down on the keyboards, and they have taken over our website homepage and our Twitter account.

We’re doing our best to get the situation under control. But, we’ve never trained for this. We’ll keep you posted.

Girlguiding Staff

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