Join the body confidence revolution with #BeBodyConfident

Girls’ body confidence is reaching crisis point, with one in three girls unhappy with how she looks and one in five girls aged 7-11 having dieted.

We’re launching a campaign to combat low self-esteem and tackle the body image crisis.

We want people everywhere to pledge to be BRAVE

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Minister for Women and Equalities backs BRAVE pledge

Jenny Willott MP says: ‘Low body confidence is a serious issue which has been linked to depression, obesity, low aspirations and eating disorders. That’s why I’m urging every girl to take the Girlguiding BRAVE pledge.

‘It’s really important that we all work together to challenge our culture of unrealistic imagery and the pressure to be perfect. We need to raise girls’ aspirations and inspire them to achieve their goals because of who they are and the talent that they have.’

We want you to take the pledge, share it, and encourage as many young people as possible to become comfortable with themselves, and to support their peers.

Dove and WAGGGS team up on body confidence

The campaign runs alongside the Dove and World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts’ (WAGGGS) Free Being Me programme, challenging young women to stand up against unhealthy body ideals.

Our Peer Educators will deliver body-confidence training to 400,000 girls and young women over the next two years.

Latest research by Girlguiding reveals girls feel under intense pressure to look a certain way – which is having a damaging effect on their aspirations.   

  • Girlguiding’s Girls’ Attitudes Survey 2013 found:
  • One in five girls of primary school age has been on a diet
  • 38 per cent of girls aged 11-to-21 say they have sometimes skipped meals to help lose weight
  • One in four girls aged between 11-to-21 would consider cosmetic surgery
  • 87 per cent think they are judged more on looks than ability
  • 43 per cent of girls say the way women are sometimes criticised for their looks on TV puts them off wanting to be on TV themselves.

Alarming statistics from Dove show that 47 per cent of 11-14 year old girls are opting out of everyday activities such as swimming and speaking up in class because they don’t like how they look.

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