International Youth Day

On International Youth Day (Friday 12 August), we take the opportunity to reflect on the disturbing occurrences of the past week and to acknowledge and celebrate the participation of so many young people in positive activities like guiding.

Many statements have been made about the perpetrators and the causes of the rioting. It will take a long time to fully understand what happened and to put measures in place to prevent this from happening again. In the meantime we have a role to play in building a better future for young people and for our society.
Guiding is at the heart of many communities. Every week girls and young women are given opportunities to develop self-confidence and self-esteem alongside a broad range of practical and life skills.

Our members are an asset to their local area and can play an active role in the rebuilding of communities. We can be proactive in getting beyond our meeting spaces, working with partners in our local communities to bring people back together and healing the wounds of this past week.
There are still many girls and young women who would not think of guiding as something for them. We must continue to reach out and find ways to give them the opportunities that we have all gained from guiding, showing them how guiding is inclusive and responsive to their needs.

Guiding provides a safe space in which girls and young women can explore their own values and behaviours and develop the confidence and skills to make the right decisions about their lives. This is needed now more than ever.
Most importantly, let's celebrate the positive impact that our young people have in society. Let's shout it from the roof tops and show that young people should be valued and supported.

Gill Slocombe
Chief Guide

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