Girlguiding's new look

Girlguiding has refreshed its look - including introducing a speech-bubble shaped logo - to reflect the charity’s commitment to giving girls and young women a voice.

Girlguiding members

A group of girls, young women and adult volunteers were trained to undertake research with Girlguiding members throughout the UK, with hundreds invited to share their opinions of the existing visuals in focus groups. A follow-up questionnaire was sent to the entire membership and from this extensive research, themes, ideas and eventually the final designs were developed. Girlguiding’s name has also changed with the removal of UK to ensure the charity best reflects every single geographic area in which it operates.

Fundraising and Marketing Manager Donna Holland, who led the project, said: ‘It’s been an exciting journey and amazing to work with the volunteers and girls to find out how they want Girlguiding to look. The speech-bubble shape came about because they wanted the visual identity of Girlguiding to say loud and clear that girls in guiding have a voice. Research has shown that not everyone knows Girlguiding – or Brownies or Rainbows -  is a charity or that its mission is to give girls their own space in which to grow and explore. These elements informed all of the work we did and at each stage we tested it with the girls and the volunteers to ensure it was authentic to them.’

As well as refreshing the logo, Girlguiding has created a set of materials to help local guiding groups increase their visual presence in their communities.

Chief Guide Gill Slocombe said: ‘To gain support for the amazing work of our 100,000 volunteers and to continue to grow, we need to be able to communicate clearly and effectively what we do and why we do it. The new materials we created empower our volunteers to shout out about guiding and ensure girls everywhere are aware of the opportunities available to them.’

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