Brownie serves Queen in Cambodia

Hannah cleans a car belonging to the British Ambassador to CambodiaA Brownie living abroad has fulfilled her wish to serve the Queen by visiting the British Embassy in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, and cleaning a car belonging to the country’s British Ambassador.

Hannah, seven, is resident in Cambodia but, because the country does not have a suitable unit for her to join, is a Lone Brownie through Girlguiding.

‘I wanted to serve the Queen in Cambodia, because that is what my Brownie duty is and it is something interesting in my life. But how can I serve the Queen in Cambodia? By washing a car in the British Embassy! It was so good in the British Embassy, it smelt good, it looked good and it even had a picture of the Queen on the front wall!’ Hannah said.

‘I met Mr Mark (Gooding) the Ambassador and I cleaned his car. Mr Ambassador said I was a lovely Brownie. I felt happy that I got to meet him and I can’t wait until I can serve the Queen again,’ she added.

Hannah was enrolled as a Brownie at 1st Blatchington Brownies, East Sussex, whilst visiting the UK last year, and works towards badges with help from the unit and another one located in Donaghclony, Northern Ireland. Her visit to the Embassy was arranged by her mother.

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