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Inspiration for the next generation from our members and supporters

At Girlguiding we’ve shared our knowledge with girls and younger women like Sophie for over 100 years. Take a look at this brilliant advice from our volunteers, below.

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Jobs and Careers

Always follow your heart, as you will never know where it might lead you

Sophie Slater

Weird and wonderful

The same Sun shines Everywhere!

Red Hat Queen Franny

Friends and relationships

Don't give up on the things you love because you would rather hang out with friends

Phoebe Lambdon

Fun and games

Don't fear taking risks - just do it! Don't let anyone hold you back - you've only one shot!!!

Brown Owl

School and education

Don't be afraid to make mistakes in singing. If you make them loud and clear, you can get more help.

juliet Kitching

Moving and motivating

You will be motivated to inspire, be inspired, and have friends for life.

Carla Woods


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