The Senior Section

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The Senior Section is for young women aged 14 to 25.

Members of The Senior Section can choose from a wide range of unique and exciting opportunities, including travel in the UK and around the world, volunteering with younger girls within Girlguiding as a Mentor or Leader, and working towards valuable qualifications.

The Senior Section offers an exciting and flexible programme with a huge variety of challenges and opportunities for personal development

The Look Wider programme offers a range of activities and challenges and motivates members to try out new things – it could be learning a language, playing a musical instrument, running a marathon, camping in the wilds or volunteering overseas. It is flexible and participants can take their chosen activities as far as they wish, from taster level all the way to gaining a qualification that is recognised outside guiding.

two girls from the senior section smilingMembers of The Senior Section can undertake a wide range of awards and qualifications. These include the Leadership qualification, which helps them in running guiding units for younger girls, the internationally-recognised Duke of Edinburgh's Award Scheme, the Queen's Guide Award, the Commonwealth Award and other prestigious awards specific to guiding.

There are many international opportunities open to members of The Senior Section. They range from attending guiding events abroad to volunteering on community projects in developing countries.

Members can also take part in our successful peer education programme. Young women can become Peer Educators trained to run sessions on issues that affect girls and young women such as binge drinking, bullying, stress management and sexual health.

They can also make their voices heard by, for example, joining the guiding delegation at the British Youth Council, or having a say in the future of guiding by attending one of our Innovate meetings.

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What do young women say about The Senior Section?

'Because of guiding I'm a lot more confident meeting new people. And I've got a really diverse bunch of friends because of it too.'
Megan, 20

'I've had amazing experiences no other organisation can offer. And we really do get to have our say in stuff that matters.'
Lucy, 23

‘Girlguiding has helped me develop loads of skills, through helping out at meetings learning team leadership, to learning how to kayak at camp, to interviewing people! I definitely feel like my voice is being heard and I can make a difference.’
Simone, 17 

'Guiding lets girls think, learn and develop without having to put up with boys trying to be the centre of attention all the time!'
Philippa, 16

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